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Do Production Car Lap Records Matter?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Porsche has been on a tear lately setting production car lap records in the 991.2 generation GT2 RS at tracks all over the world. The GT2 RS is incredibly fast, that much is obvious, but that’s a known quantity at this point. Beyond just the bragging rights for Porsche to say it has set records at the Nurburgring, Road America, Road Atlanta, and now CTMP, does any of this actually mean anything to you?

A fast car is a fast car is a fast car, right? Once that’s been proven by professional review, or comparison against the competition, does anything matter beyond that? The average customer can’t extract the tenths of a second necessary to set a similar lap time as Porsche’s hired guns. Most of these super cars won’t ever put hot sticky rubber to closed course, and professional driver won’t slip into the Alcantara seat. I simply cannot fathom to what end these lap records are set.


In this most recent lap record, set back on June 26th with pro test driver Lars Kern aboard, has hardly been a blip on the collective automotive radar. Porsche slipped this video onto YouTube this week, and didn’t sound the trumpets about it. Perhaps even Porsche have decided the lap record thing it is doing is old hat.

I can’t seem to find a prior production car lap record for the Porsche team to have beat with this 1:22.36 lap time. However, the lap certainly does look quick, and it’s within shouting distance of the track’s outright lap record of 1:04.09 set by Dindo Capello in an Audi R10 TDI LMP1 car back in 2008. That a street car can be just 18 seconds slower than an all-out racer is impressive enough, I suppose. But does that make it a better street car, or just a faster one?


Anyway, here’s Lars Kern. Lars, take it away.

After having watched that, are you more compelled toward GT2 RS fandom? Has Porsche’s magic lap record breaker won another enthusiast’s heart? Tell me in the comments below whether lap times impress you or you’re bored by the trend.