Dita Von Teese Has Pretty Good Taste In Cars

If you're defined by a highly distinct personal style, there's no reason why that style shouldn't inform what cars you drive. Many celebrities and style icons just end up with the usual rich-person black SUVs or luxury sedans without putting any thought into it, and they may as well be driving beige Camrys as a result. Dita Von Teese Isn't one of those people.

Von Teese was profiled in the magazine Collector's Weekly (the higbrow sibling of Popular Hoarding) where she revealed that, along with lots of exciting underpants, she collects classic cars:

Von Teese: Yes, my first car was a 1939 Chrysler New Yorker, which I bought when I was 22, and I only sold it about two years ago. I also had a 1965 Jaguar S-Type, which was a beautiful car, but an absolute nightmare to keep running. I love vintage cars because again, it's that artful design in every detail inside and out. Cars will never be made like that again, ever. If you have a good honest mechanic, it doesn't have to be expensive to drive American classic cars. Plus, they retain their value. I know that when I buy a vintage car, I can drive it and sell it whenever I want for what I paid for it, likely even more if I use it for a photo shoot. I also just love driving them, I love the patience and skill it takes, I love the way people like to see them out there on the road. I feel really calm when I'm driving one of my cars; there's a soothing effect they have on me.

Right now, I'm driving a 1953 Cadillac Fleetwood, which is my favorite, and I call it "Steel Xanax." I also have a 1939 Packard which is the original "French Blue" has that beautiful crystal flying lady hood ornament. And I have a 1946 Ford Super Deluxe convertible in burgundy, it's perfect and gorgeous. I am thinking of selling the Packard and the Ford in order to get a '40s era convertible Packard. I've been searching for that car that satisfies the part in me that loves both of these kinds of cars.


What's significant about this is that compared many wealthy classic car collectors, Von Teese differs in a few key ways: first, she's female (I know, right?), and also because she's collecting cars not just because they're old collectible cars, but because they fit a very specific overall aesthetic vision. She's a collector of many items that fit a set of personal criteria, and cars happen to be one of them. It's great to see interesting cars collected and driven by people not normally associated with car culture specifically.

If I could suggest one car to Miss Von Teese that I think would suit her aesthetic well (I'm pretty positive she's a regular reader of the site), I'd suggest a '53 Studebaker Starliner (or Champion) coupé. Elegant, somewhat uncommon, these are great. She can thank me by suggesting something for my collection of exciting underpants.

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