Disturbing Video Shows Pickup Truck Driver Brutally Beating Elderly Cyclist With Small Club

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Perhaps in a very focused effort to prove that not all Canadians are polite, 65-year-old David Fox brutally beat a 74-year-old cyclist with a wooden implement that appears to be a fish club, a small, heavy bat used to kill fish.

The altercation took place in Peterborough, Ontario, and, according to what one witness relayed to Global News, seemed to have been predicated by an argument that occurred after both Fox, in his Dodge Ram truck and the cyclist made a left-hand turn.

A woman who recorded the incident on her phone told The Star that she saw the men “flailing their arms around” before Fox returned to his truck, later returning to the cyclist with the club and starting to beat him.


The woman’s video can be seen here; she began recording from a distance when she noticed the altercation, and then directly approached the two men involved. It’s a disturbing video, with blood, unhinged agression, and generally unsettling human behavior, so you’ve been warned:

When confronted, Fox placed the bloodied club in his pocket and stated that he “tried to walk away,” even though he clearly didn’t try too hard, instead opting for a series of actions better suited to a rabid Sasquatch than a human being, let alone a noble Canadian.

Fox left the scene of the beating in his truck, but was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. The cyclist was treated at the hospital.

Even if the cyclist did something incredibly stupid, Choadnan the Barbarian there was in a massive truck, and not in any personal danger from the cyclist. This is not the reaction of a civilized human.


You’d think it wouldn’t ever need to be said, but there’s never any reason why any minor, non-accident-causing traffic incident should end with a driver clubbing a cyclist on the ground. Or anyone clubbing anyone at all. What the hell is wrong with people?