Disabled Student Denied Handicapped Parking Because She Drives A Hearse

The Jalopnik community is not shy about calling out asshats who park in handicapped spots when they are not supposed to. Now there are some asshats that won't let a disabled college student park in in the handicapped spot, because they don't like her car.

According to a report from 7online.com, Samantha Kidner, 18, is a mortuary student at USC. Due to her studies and the fact she needs a large vehicle for her wheelchair, she drives a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood federal hearse. She has all of the proper handicapped placards that entitle her to those designated spots. However, the apartment complex where she stays near USC won't let her park the hearse in the handicapped space because the other tenants find it creepy. The complex staff has even gone so far as to say, "We don't want it on the property at all."


As a result Samantha parks her car in front of a nearby children's hospital. She hates parking there because she knows all too well what those children are going through.

"I've had five brain surgeries as a child," Kidner said. "Parents don't want to come see their kids in the hospital and see a hearse parked in the parking lot."

Samantha stays with her mom and her sister at the complex called The Lorenzo. When asked to give a comment about the situation, Laura Nissley, a spokeswoman for The Lorenzo said that Samantha is not on the lease and can park in the guest spot assigned to her family.

"Samantha Kidner is not a resident of Lorenzo, nor does she have an active lease to become a resident in the future. If she is the one operating the vehicle, then there is guest parking made available to her on a first-come, first-serve basis same as anyone else," Nissley said.


The guest parking is too small for Samantha's vehicle and she would not be able to get her wheelchair out of the car. She is worried that she will be kicked out of the complex because she chose to drive a hearse.

"It's a very unique car, but it's still a car," Kidner said.

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