'Dirty Car Art' Is My New Favorite Form Of Automotive Expression

Cars are dirty. Especially ones that spend a lot of time outside and not a lot of time at the car wash. More often than not, you’ll see these cars riding around with the grubby words “WASH ME” traced on their rears. And that seems to be the best that anyone’s come up with. Until now.

The BBC has identified this artist as Nikita Golubev, who goes by proboynick on Instagram. Over the past few weeks, he’s been drawing on the backs of vehicles around Moscow and uploading his work online.


He uses his fingers and brushes. It’s unclear if he received permission from the vehicle owners before leaving his mark on them. But if you came back out to your truck and it looked like this, you might not want to wash it off too quickly.


(h/t to James!)

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