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Dirt Bike Hooning Makes a Compelling Case For Electrification

Noise pollution is real, and we experience it every day. In big cities, it just becomes a part of the daily grind, a constant thrum in the background that can almost be comforting. In the sticks, where I live, it’s nearly always quiet, punctuated by brief and striking instances of extreme loud. While I genuinely enjoy the sound of a nice ring-a-ding two stroke dirt ripper, it can be a nuisance. Making them all electric would be a nice change of pace.


In my neck of the woods a group of young and enthusiastic dirt fiends are frequently travelling down our neighborhood roads to get to the large swathes of wide open desert at the end of the street. At least twice per day the silence of our little hamlet is interrupted by the staccato of unmuffled full throttle brap, which continues for an hour or so of desert fun.


I’m all for going out and having fun. I’ve been known to do a bit of it myself. It might be time for a change, though. As the video below illustrates, an electric dirt bike is easily as capable as a large thumper gasoline motor.

If these quiet rippers catch on en masse, perhaps it would be possible to build a nice little dirt bike park in the middle of city centers or residential neighborhoods. A nice centralized and safe place to meet up with other like-minded speed demons would be awesome, and being able to do it without affecting the surrounding daily life just makes it more awesome. The same goes for EV racing at road courses and circle tracks placed closer to civilization.

Watch this video and try not to get hyped about electric dirt bikes. Excellent hoonage. Full send.   

Via: RideApart

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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You are correct, sadly for those of us that spend time in lakeside areas where apparently kids can’t enjoy the outdoors without being dragged around behind boats all day on their pillows and cause noise and water pollution, we can’t wait for electrification.

On the other hand there is a simple solution, teach the douchebags to pass on to their kids the simple idea that nature is not a carnival ride or resort and enjoy the rare peace of the place they are in and explore and play without the dumbass motor vehicles. But no, that’s asking too much of the intellectually challenged.