Diners take revenge on asshat parker

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Parking sideways across three parking spaces in your Ford Expedition may make you feel like a real man, but what happens when a couple of Reddit users decide to legally park in the two open spaces on either side of you? Revenge as sweet as a Bloomin' Onion.


Here are the details from Mcbanjo:

We saw him, he was probably in his early 30's. He freaked out and was on his phone for a good 10 minutes pacing around the area. He actually called the restaurant to let them know he was parked in. Both vehicles are legally parked, and the parking lot was pretty much full when he pulled in.


The redditor who posted the image wanted to make sure people know he wasn't at the Outback Steakhouse but at the restaurant across the street from the Outback Steakhouse.

(H/T SuperCharger.Heaven!)

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Seems many Ford SUV drivers are asshats.