Diesel Mercedes SLS AMG CDI Coming To Paris? (UPDATE: Of Course Not)

My favorite crazy ass rumor of the day comes from Polish car news site Moto.pl, who is reporting that this year we'll see a Mercedes SLS AMG with a six-cylinder, triple-turbocharged diesel engine at the Paris Motor Show. A Mercedes SLS CDI, maybe?


The site insists it isn't a typo, but I'm wary of this news. I remember driving Audi's attempt — the Audi R8 V12 TDI Le Mans — and being disappointed when they didn't build it (although, rumors suggest a comeback).

Of course, if they can build an electric one how crazy is a diesel model? Just crazy enough for us to fall in love. Especially if it has the rumored 400 hp and billion lb-ft of torque.


I'm not saying I'd get naked and roll around on the floor with one but, oh, wait… where'd my pants go?

UPDATE: Skepticism confirmed. It's not happening.

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