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Did The Rock Just Accidentally Leak Ford's New Bullitt Mustang?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Steve McQueen’s car chase in the 1968 movie Bullitt is still reckoned to be one of the most epic automotive action moments of all time. It also made McQueen’s dark green fastback the most famous Mustang in Hollywood, save perhaps Gone In 60 Seconds’ “Eleanor.” Now it looks like Ford might be planning a new commemorative edition of the car for the near future.

The notion comes to us from the Mustang6G forum, which spotted a clue in this “behind the scenes of a Ford commercial” video:

At around the three-minute mark, the camera pans by some people sitting around and behind them are drawings of a current-generation Mustang with the dark green paint, dark wheels, and crosshair-style badge the eagle-eyed viewers on the forum think confirm the rendering as a Bullitt.


As some of you know, this wouldn’t be the first time Ford released a Buillitt edition Mustang. The last one was on sale in 2009 featuring suspension tweaks, an intake upgrade, exhaust, unique wheels, better brake pads and the beautiful Dark Highland Green. Only 816 were made.

Before that, there was a Bullitt Mustang in 2001 with similar modifications. The car was a bit less rare with a production run of 5,582.

I hadn’t heard any rumors that a new Bullitt Mustang was in the works, but the designs in those images sure do look like they take after McQueen’s car. I think car blogger Jeff Jimenez might have called it way back in 2014 when he said “I could see Ford releasing one down the road as a 2017 Bullitt Mustang” commenting on some spy shots!

Just about everybody active on the Mustang forum thread seems to have no doubt that this is indeed a new Bullitt edition car. Now, how Ford is planning to outfit it and whether or not they’re even actually going to build it remains to be seen. But it’s one to watch for sure.