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Did The McLaren P1 Just Obliterate The Lap Record At The Nurburgring?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The McLaren P1 is obscenely fast. Ridiculously quick. Especially on track. We just received word that the P1 might have made it around the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in 6:33. That would make it the fastest ever street legal production car to hit the 'Ring. By 15 seconds. Holy shit. (UPDATED)

We were expecting the P1 to be very, very fast at the 'Ring, as well as pretty much everywhere else. But 15 seconds quicker than the current street-legal record holder, which is a 6:48 second lap by a Radical SR8? That's ridonkulous. It's even faster than the non-street legal Zonda R's 6:47 lap time.


This image appears to come from, a Chinese car website. I looked for a long time at a translated version of the site, but couldn't find the record time anywhere. (UPDATE: Facebook user Mark was able to track down the page on that contained this slide. It appears to be from a slide deck that was presented to potential customers in China)


There is no video of the lap posted and McLaren has not made a statement yet about the alleged lap time.

I sent a note to McLaren to see if they could confirm the time and am yet to hear back.

UPDATE: McLaren just replied with the following statement about the above slide:

The image in question was included on a slide which was part of a mood board to inspire the design team for the McLaren P1™, and not the engineers, who are working to a target time of ‘merely’ sub-7 minutes.


So it doesn't appear to be the "official time," but it does seem that is the time that McLaren wants to hit on the 'Ring. Best of luck to them.

(Hat Tip to an anonymous stranger!)

Photo Credit: GF Williams