Did Someone Really Fall Asleep Behind The Wheel Of A Tesla On Autopilot?

This sure looks like a dude asleep at the wheel of a Tesla, which is still happily on autopilot in traffic. But is the video legit?

This vid made the rounds yesterday, ultimately getting picked up with some justified skepticism on Electrek.

The thing about Tesla’s autopilot (something I’m reasonably familiar with, having done over 1000 miles in one) is that it periodically requires input from the driver. It’s simple stuff, just touch the steering wheel when the car makes a buzzer alarm.


If you don’t let the car know that you’re awake, the car continues to beep loudly to wake you up, and if that doesn’t work, the car rolls to a stop.

So if this dude really was asleep, the car wouldn’t accelerate like it does in the video; it would just, well, stop.

Time will tell if this video, like everything else on the internet, turns out to be fake.


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