The 10th annual Streetfighterz Ride of the Century in St. Louis was filled with the same typical dumb stunts you see at any highway superbike meet up. When the police tried to cut everyone off with a roadblock, things got out of hand.

When the riders confront the roadblock, some of them try and attempt to dodge the cops. At around 2:10 in the above video bikers begin to cut across the grass and flee the wrong way up an on-ramp. Two patrol cars go to cut them off, striking one bike, and nearly hitting several others. We see in this helmet cam video that as two riders go up the on-ramp, another cruiser tries to block the path of one of the bikes. The cop car hits the bike, which manages to keep going.


Other than the road block itself, none of these pointed attempts to cut off any of the fleeing riders is successful. The riders are calling it excessive force. We think it's just grand stupidity on both sides.

Below is a video of some of the stunts performed during the ride. It's understandable that the police would want to bring this to a stop.

Though I'm not a lawyer, it looks to me like these riders were fleeing the cops, which may constitute a violent felony charge. Over the course of the event the Missouri Highway patrol issued 92 citations arrested 13 riders. That said, authorities have been known to arrest riders for no good reason.

While we can all agree that nobody was acting very wisely in this video, do you think the police used excessive force?



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