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Did Afroduck Fly The Coop To Canada?

Illustration for article titled Did Afroduck Fly The Coop To Canada?

Every aspect of the case of Christopher Adam Tang, better known as Afroduck, has been completely absurd.


You have a guy who somehow managed to lap Manhattan in a record 24 minutes (in a BMW Z4, of all things); posted a video of the run online, which got featured on Jalopnik; became the NYPD's Public Enemy Number One for a short time; leaked a video of a cop doing the same thing; went to trial; and then today, disappeared from that trial as jury deliberations were underway.

It's all just... kind of silly.

But New York's justice system doesn't think it is. Tang could still face as much as a year in jail if convicted of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. Now, however, the big question is this: Where the hell is Afroduck?


Tang is from Canada, and if convicted he could face possible deportation after serving his sentence. Our man in the courtroom Raphael Orlove said many people are speculating that's where he went, and it's kind of the common sense outcome, too.

Though Tang's Canadian passport has been seized as a condition of his bail, the New York Post explains he can still get there:

Tang is on bail and his Canadian passport was seized. But he could still re-enter his country by presenting a Canadian birth certificate or a citizenship card at the border, according to Canada Border Service Agency.

It's not clear when anyone last saw Tang, but he was in court on Monday. (The trial took a break yesterday.) His lawyer hasn't been able to reach him, and the judge has issued a warrant for his arrest.

If Tang was really serious about fleeing to Canada — and again, no one knows if he did that or not — then he's there already, because surely border officials are looking for him now. In the meantime, the trial will proceed in his absence.


Oh where, oh where has the Afroduck gone? Oh where, oh where could he be? (Toronto, maybe.)

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This whole thing reads like a movie script.

A man....framed <cuts to Z4 speeding around NYC, dodging around traffic, cuts to video being upload to youtube, the view count skyrocketing>

A man....caught <Afroduck being led out by police in handcuffs, 'It wasn't me! I was set up!'>

A man....condemned <Reporter at the court house 'This could be, the trial of the centurah!'>

A man....on the run <low angle shot behind the rear wheel of a car, garage door slowly opening, camera pans up to catch his face in the side mirror. Woman's voice is heard 'How are you going get here? Its over 500 miles and every cop in the state is looking for you!'>

<'I'll drive'>

<Tires screech as the car launches>


<Power slide between cop cars>


<Cops chasing him>


<Gratuitous car crash and explosions>


<title shot : AFRODUCK>

<fade to black>