It's been a bad month for Delta. On the heels of the firestorm over baggage fees the airline was charging soldiers returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan comes a story from a British man named Sy Haze, who is accusing Delta of peeing all over his clothes and stealing aftershave from his luggage, among other things. Let's go through the list of offenses, shall we?


According to the description posted alongside the video Haze uploaded to YouTube today, he was set to fly from London's Heathrow Airport to Minneapolis on June 17 for a week-long trip, but was actually issued a boarding pass to Boston by a seemingly drugged-up Delta ticket agent. Haze spotted the error and was reissued the correct boarding pass; his luggage, unfortunately, was already en route to Boston, but he was assured that it would soon arrive in Minneapolis.


Haze then boarded his flight, but when he arrived in Minneapolis, he was informed that his bag had not only been rerouted to Boston, but—upon its arrival there—was sent back to London instead of Minneapolis. To add insult to injury, Haze claims that Delta then sent his bag back to Boston again instead of Minneapolis.

If you thought things couldn't get any worse from here, just wait. Haze continues:

My bag finally arrived in Minneapolis today (June 21st), a full 4 days after it was initially checked in! The bag was delivered to my hotel this morning - happy days thought I....until I opened it up and found what you see in the vid.

The video shows Haze explaining what he found when he eventually opened his bag: Apparently someone had urinated on his clothes, squirted toothpaste all over his toiletry bag, and made off with a bottle of aftershave. And his complaints to the airline haven't gotten him very far: "Delta Airlines have been either uncontactable at Minneapolis or rude and dismissive and insistent that only their permanently engaged toll free number can help."

One of Delta's longtime slogans is "You'll love the way we fly." The way they pee, however? Well, there's nothing to love about that. [via Reddit]

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