Did A Chinese Police Car Hit This Pedestrian And Drive Off?

A disturbing dash cam video has been making the rounds online lately that apparently shows a police vehicle in China striking a pedestrian in a roadway before driving off as if nothing happened.

We have more questions than answers at the moment, unfortunately. The video hasn't gotten much traction in mainstream Western news sources, although the blog Beijing Cream highlighted it this week, as did Shanghaiist.


Beijing Cream wrote that the video was shot in a dash cam on March 31 in Fuxin in the Liaoning province. They say an officer driving on the wrong side of the road struck a pedestrian and then drove away with lights and sirens on. It's pretty horrifying to watch.

Whoever had the dash cam doesn't come out looking too good here either, as he or she just kind of stares at the pedestrian lying in the street before driving away as well.

What we don't know is whether the pedestrian was okay, why the officer drove away, and whether or not the cop will face any punishment for what happened here. It's possible the officer was chasing another suspect and couldn't be bothered to stop, but at least in the U.S., when a cop hits something during a chase they typically end the pursuit.

Beijing Cream says they have found no news articles about this incident yet. Any ideas what happened? I'd love to get more context on this.

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