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DHL Cargo Plane Overcooks Runway And Skids Into Road

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Early this morning an ASL Airlines Boeing 737-400 cargo plane skidded off a runway while landing at the Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo, Italy. The crew, composed of the captain and first officer, were not hurt. This could have ended a lot worse than it did.


This flight was arriving from Charles De Gaulle airport in France, reports Italian news outlet TGCOM24. The plane broke through a fence and came to rest across a ring road that runs around the airport.

The incident was likely due to the heavy rain at the airport, ASL Airlines Hungary, which owns the plane, said in a statement, according to CNN.


Massive delays and cancellations ensued at Orio al Serio, with at least 2,500 passengers grounded, says TGCOM24. Among the most affected companies is Ryanair, which was forced to cancel 15 flights.

The plane’s black boxes were successfully removed by the fire brigade and investigation is under way.

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Overcooks runway?