Detroit Thieves Jacked This Dallas Pastor's Wheels While He Was At A Revival

When Dallas Pastor Dwayne Houston traveled to his native Detroit for a revival meeting, he didn't expect his religious revelry to be curtailed by burglary. But the Motor City wheel thieves struck, in broad daylight, while the cleric was at the meeting.

Houston was inside the New Foundation Christian Center, on Detroit's west side, for only 30 minutes when he got a call telling him that his wheels had been stolen. He emerged from the building to find his maroon Ford Explorer sitting precariously on a few broken chunks of concrete block. His wheels and brand new tires were gone.


Church members said that wheel theft happens on a regular basis there, but in this case, the burglars appear to have been nice enough to screw the lug nuts back onto the truck's hubs.

Houston told CNN that he would pray for the people who stole his wheels. If he tried praying for all of the wheel thieves around the nation, he'd be at it a while. It's a widespread problem that law enforcement officials haven't yet figured out how to solve. (Hat tip to Michael!)

Photo credit: CNN

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