Illustration for article titled ​Detroit Man Accused Of Stealing Ambulance To Party At Strip Club

You know how it goes. It's late. You're a little randy. You're looking for some kicks, but you don't have a ride. What's a lonely guy to do? Hey! Is that an unmanned ambulance idling in front of a hospital? To the strip club!


According to the Oakland County Sheriff, that's what a 51-year-old guy from Pontiac, Michigan pulled off on Sunday night.

Around 11 PM the paramedics left their ambulance running to rush a patient into the McLaren Hospital. That's when our horny ambulance thief saw the opportunity and pounced.


But there were few problems. First, one of the paramedics left their mobile phone inside and police were able to track where he was headed. Second, he was making a B-line for the Booby Trap Bar on Eight Mile, which as far as we can tell is closed (possible replaced with a new dive called the King of Diamonds). Third, only someone who's played far too much GTA could pull this kind of shit off.

Police eventually pulled over our man with the medical emergency near 18 Mile and Ryan Road. He's expected to face auto theft charges this week.

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