Detroit Grand Prix Stopped Because Of Detroit's Terrible Roads

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The first running of the IndyCar Detroit Grand Prix since 2008 was red-flagged this afternoon after a piece of the track started to crumble, causing driver James Hinchcliffe to go flying into the wall. As you can see in the video, he was not happy about it.

Indy's return to Detroit's Belle Isle course was supposed to be another signal of the rebirth of the American automaker. Instead, it's just been a reminder of Detroit's failing infrastructure and Indy's inability to make anything outside of the Indy 500 remotely interesting.

Race organizers patched up the cracks in the road with a filler that, it seems, couldn't survive a weekend of racing abuse and started coming up earlier in the race. The Grand Prix was allowed to continue until Hinchcliffe hit a chunk and lost his steering, causing him to kiss the tires.

"The fucking track just came up. They leave that big piece of track just sitting there. What the fuck?" Hinchcliffe screamed after plowing into the rubber. This led them to red flag the race. Since then they've been hanging out in the paddock waiting for the track to get patched.


Remember NASCAR's jet dryer explosion? That was good television. This is just sort of sad and extremely boring.

UPDATE: The race eventually finished, but shortened with multiple yellow flags.