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Detroit Auto Show: The MINI Clubmans Are Coming, The Clubmans Are Coming

Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: The MINI Clubmans Are Coming, The Clubmans Are Coming

While we're enjoying the crazy concept cars we may or may never actually see in real life or design studies that only hint at what we may see one day, we're going to actually be able to hang out with a car that will soon be in dealer showrooms. BMW will be bringing the MINI Clubman to the Detroit Auto Show for public admiration. And if you find yourself admiring the slightly less-MINI then you'll only have to wait a month to buy one, as they go on sale February 16th of this year. That's a lot shorter than you're going to have to wait for the Hummer HX to hit showroom floors. Press release below the jump.


MINI Clubman Coming To Detroit

Everybody loves the new MINI. In its design, its flair and agile handling,
the new MINI has been desirable right from the start. And now the technology-oriented aficionado of the MINI will find an even wider range of convincing arguments and selling points contributing to the success of this great car. So even more than before, the world's only small premium car stands out through top-quality finish, exemplary safety, the most advanced drivetrain technology, outstanding efficiency, extreme reliability, and lasting value. Indeed, it is precisely through these and many other qualities that MINI has already written an impressive story of success in the USA.


Now yet another new chapter is being added to this success story:
the MINI Clubman. The public will have the wonderful opportunity to admire this extravagantly designed new addition to the MINI model range at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) to be held in Detroit from 19-27 January 2008 - and soon they will be able to enjoy the sight of this unique car also on the road, with the market launch of the MINI Clubman in the States starting on February 16, 2008.[Source: MINI]

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Matt Hardigree

@David Thomas: Sure, but we get to see them again at Detroit! Exciting! Not all of our readers live in SoCal and can drop work and go to that auto show, but readers in the Midwest have a chance of spotting one early at Detroit.