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So we're now two days into the Detroit Auto Show and we must say — we're a bit peaked. Despite having so many members of the team here for the big game, we're bone tired. And not just tired physically, we're tired mentally and even emotionally. And why wouldn't it be — check out the roller coaster of auto-lovin' we went on today.

- Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept: We saw the Cadillac CTS Coupe concept announced in the morning and unveiled in the same day...and the talk on the street seems to be good. Maybe automaker PR will learn a thing or two about why surprise is so important...and embargoes are not. Who knew buzz could be this good?

- Lincoln MKT Concept: We saw the Lincoln MKT concept revealed and heralded as a sign of things to come from the brand all about emancipation.

- Toyota A-BAT Concept: We found out the A-BAT is much smaller in real life than in the fake life of press shots.

- Toyota Venza: Toyota revealed their latest addition to the crossover market. The front end looks like a "Bold Move" and the rear end like a Caliber. Maybe it's a Calibaurus? All we know is it's not attractive on the show floor. In real life? Who knows.

- Fisker Karma: Fisker finally gets it's day with the Karma, and ain't life a bee-otch for Tesla. Who knew dropping a little four-cylinder engine under the bonnet of an electric could net you an extra $20K in your back pocket, 125 MPH top speed and oh yes, a platform that doesn't shred transmissions.

- Ask Dr. Z: for a Guinness at the Firehouse next time, Hardigree!

- Chrysler Concepts: Travis found a bevy of mysterious and magical concepts from Chrysler — none of which seem to have any means of propelling themselves. We're sure the lithium-ion battery pack fairy will totally find Chrysler and grant them their one wish.

- Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer America: Twins separated at birth? Perhaps.

- Changfeng Steps on Detroit Auto Show: At least the Changfeng CEO didn't threaten to "come all over everyone" like he did last year. But C-Feng still really needs a PR company.

- 2009 Cadillac CTS-V: We likey. We likey a lot — we'll let the new CTS-V sit in our driveway any day of the week.

- Rolls Royce: We found out the Rolls-Royce press conference was much ado about nothing. But apparently there's this place called Beverly Hills, and that's where you wanna be.

And if you missed it, check out the weekend coverage too. Alright folks, we're heading to the Firehouse.


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