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We had a little too much fun yesterday, as you can see above. Though the last press day of the Detroit Auto Show is supposed to be a bit slower, no one got the memo. Our staff continued to burn off pretzels running through Cobo Hall chasing stories and, unsuccessfully, the cuter car models. We'd like to share with you stories of romantic conquest, but in lieu of that here are the stories that rocked Detroit yesterday.

&mdash The Chinese Are Here: The folks from Tang Hua shared a Book of Songs with us that was actually a Recreation of Genitalia, as well as a Detroit Fish designed for our president's ranch.

&mdash Funkmaster Flex: His Flexness played a visit to Detroit and surprised us by deciding to talk about the Tata Nano.

&mdash American Le Mans Series: Corvette showed us their E85-powered Corvette race car. We fantasized about racing it around Iowa.

&mdash The Chinese Take Hostages: The Chairman of BYD takes us on a surprise test-drive through Cobo thus proving his car works. BYD's youngest American auto executive takes a few girls to get drinks thus proving he's cooler than we gave him credit for.

&mdash BMW Engines: BMW pens a love note to diesel engines, thereby revolutionizing the automotive memo.

&mdash Porsche: Our friends from Porsche shocked the auto show with an unsurprising surprise.
&mdash VW Passat CC: VW reminds us that parking yourself is soooo 19th century.

&mdash Concept Cars: We talk about the concept cars that will never see production, though we're still holding out hope for the Alfa BAT.

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