Detroit Auto Show: Amphibious Tang Hua Detroit Fish

Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Amphibious Tang Hua Detroit Fish

We practiced our love with the Tang Hua Book of Songs earlier, and now for the less phallic, more idiosyncratic Tang Hua Detroit Fish. "Detroit Fish" would be an odd name for a car if it weren't for the fact that this fish can evidently swim. Yes indeed, this is the only amphibious crossover at the Detroit Auto Show. While this might not be the most popular segment at the moment, Tang Hua's marketing team has an ingenious strategy - sell one to President George W. Bush for use on his Texas ranch. Tang Hua wants the renowned environmentalist to help kick start its US product blitz with some top notch product placement.


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Jeff Glucker

I seriously want that... in matte black, and with smokestacks.