Detroit: 1; Chevrolet C8 Corvette: 0

Image: Chevrolet/Jason Torchinsky
Image: Chevrolet/Jason Torchinsky

For those keeping score, Detroit currently leads the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette by one point to zilch, due to the fact that a street-parked, mid-engine ‘Vette just had its wheels stolen. That makes Michigan’s overall score over the Corvette two-nothing, as the first point was scored by snow.

There aren’t many details to share, but here’s what we know, according to both Car and Driver and Motor Trend. The car was parked on a street in Detroit’s West Village neighborhood. It was found with all four wheels missing, sitting on two cinderblocks with its ass resting on the ground and the lug nuts apparently abandoned on the pavement close by.


It’s unclear who this car belongs to, as MT notes it doesn’t have manufacturer plates. But I’m sure it was quite a nasty shock to come out to this.

You know the real reason I think those wheels were stolen? They likely weren’t chrome and were, therefore, wheels people actually, you know, want and value. If you were offended by that joke, please fill out your grievance on the back of a 100 dollar bill and then promptly light it on fire.

Head over to Car and Driver and Motor Trend to see pictures of the poor Corvette. I can’t publish them here because we don’t have the rights to them and I don’t want to get sued.

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