Destroyed Aston Martin Proves Project Car Hell Doesn't Always Come Cheap

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A lot of the appeal of project cars that are far beyond saving to any rational human being is they are usually pretty cheap to buy—even if ownership quickly becomes expensive.

This destroyed 1964 Aston Martin DB4 we found on Bring a isn't close to cheap and we can't even begin to fathom the potential cost of getting it back to functional driver status.

A car dealer in the Netherlands is asking a staggering €68,500 ($90,000) for the wreckage of what was once a Series 1 DB4. As you can see after sustaining a serious impact what you are looking at is less old British project car and more twisted scrap metal. As some kind of inadequate explanation for the sky high selling price the seller points out the assortment of parts included with the car—of which "many are usable".


Although we hesitate to call any car, especially a vintage Aston, too far gone for restoration this car is walking dangerously close to that line. If you don't want it to restore the dealer selling it explains it would be "the perfect car to register a DB4 Zagato reproduction car at proper early DB4 license". We aren't sure exactly what that means but to our American sensibilities it certainly sounds illegal or suspiciously like something that isn't worth anywhere near $90,000.

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