There's a lot of talk from Mitsubishi about them being on some kind of upswing and actually being relevant in the U.S. again. They need more than the cheap little Mirage and a new Montero to do that, though. What about a new version of perhaps the most recognizable Mitsubishi? If a new Mitsubishi Eclipse looks like this, sign me up.

Designer Steel Drake made some renders of what a 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse should look like, even though it won't happen and it won't look as good as this. It's a shame, though, since it does a good job of combining the small, round look of the second-generation Eclipse without the bloat and excess that was the most recent car.

To anyone from Mitsubishi: Look, I know you're trying to be busy selling Renaultsubishis in the U.S. as a way to be profitable. But if you're going to raid their parts bin for a compact sedan, why not stick a stunning coupe body on it too and a turbo four as a new Eclipse? It's worth a try to relive the good ol' DSM days. Check out lots more pics over at Steel Drake's site.


Now, where's that future Eagle Talon I've been asking for?


Images: Steel Drake