Delightful Helicopter Pilot Rescues Kid's RC Plane From Treetop

This may be one of the best things I've ever seen anyone do with a cigarette in their hand and a charmingly casual, profanity-sprinkled accent. Some guys in a helicopter see a kid's RC plane get stuck in a tree, and then swing down to retrieve it. Just because they can.


Everything about this is great — they start off by admiring the RC plane flyers' little runway setup, and the eagle-eyed pilot sees it get lodged high in a tree. They then speculate on how great it would be if they could retrieve it, and then, well, they just do it. Entirely because they understand how staggeringly awesome it would be for the folks on the ground, and they're just happy to make people's day.

So, here's to you, helicopter pilot and his pal! Have another smoke on me.

(Thanks, Michael Rodriguez, even if it's been around a while, it's great.)



Great, now I want a helicopter.