December 7th, A Day Which Will Live In Infamy: The LeMons Junkyard Scavenger Hunt!

With the 2008 Arse Freeze-A-Palooza 24 Hours Of LeMons race coming up in just a few weeks, all 100 or so teams are fully locked into total panic final-stretch mode, frenziedly thrashing working on every last goddamn thing a few final details to get their iron heaps steeds ready for racin' action. Naturally, all the teams will be spending a lot of time at self-service junkyards, scrounging up bargain-priced components in a hopeless heroic attempt to meet the deadline, and so LeMons Chief Perpetrator Lamm has found a way to add to the misery fun: the first-ever 24 Hours Of LeMons Junkyard Scavenger Hunt!


You have to figure the kind of guy who parks a couple of beat-to-hell Alfas and an allegedly nice Datsun 240Z in his living room, as the Chief Perp does, might be a little funny in the head about junkyards… and you're right for thinking that (yes, that's TheEastBayKid hard at work at LeMons HQ, which is a short commute from the Perp's living room). We've conspired cooperated on creating a list of items to be hunted at the junkyard, complete with a point system (for example, you might get 3 points for every cassette mix tape you find, or 100 points for a working GM power antenna), and we'll be handing out prizes including T-shirts, trophies, and- best of all- a few much-coveted Get Out Of The Penalty Box cards for the race. That's right- if you pass on a yellow or blatantly munch some hapless CRX into the wall with your Fleetwood and get black-flagged off the track, just whip out one of these babies and you'll head right back into the race!

We'll be setting up shop in a suitable van or RV at a certain East Bay wrecking yard- the employees of which know nothing about the madness that's about to descend on their workplace- on Sunday, December 7th, at high noon. I'll be there, Chief Perp Lamm will be there, and LeMons Supreme Court Justice Loverman will be driving up from El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de la Porciúncula as well. Just send me or the Chief Perp an email, and we'll give you the scoop on where to meet up.


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