Dear Dickhead Motorcyclists: Stop Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad

How great is motorcycling? How nice is it to be able to split lanes? Isn’t it a great feeling when a driver let’s you past them on a nice road? Don’t you just love when you run out of gas and someone pulls over to help? Me too. SO STOP BEING SUCH FUCKING ASSHOLES.

Here is yet another example of some dickhead rider using the advantages of a motorcycle to make the rest of us look like assholes. Look guys, we made the news again!


According to CBS 2, this Los Angeles rider punching the mirrors of cars on the freeway, and then posted the helmet cam videos to YouTube.

Don’t you just love seeing that thing we all love getting more exposure to the rest of the world? I sure hope it helps people be more aware of us on the road too!


Not only has the dickhead decided to make the rest of us look like selfish, spoiled, violent humans, but he’s also taken the liberty of documenting his terrible decision making skills so he can share his feats of heroism with his buddies while they’re on break at McDonald’s.


His YouTube account is easy to find and I don’t feel like giving the dude free traffic, but it’s absolutely miserable. It’s mostly wheelie vids (Congrats dude, you have an FZ-09. It wheelies. We get it!) with some sick ass nu-metal and meet up videos, including one tragic video I refused to watch called “Paul Walker’s Death Road and Meet Up.”

Fuck this guy and anyone who supports this nonsense.

To the rest of the driving public: I’m sorry, and I promise that most of us aren’t like this.


That said, it does look pretty clear that the driver interviewed did not have enough room to safely merge into the carpool lane with the motorcyclist there. However, if we want geezers like him to start paying attention and stop hating us, knocking his mirror off is likely a bad way to go about it.

Let’s all do better.

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