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Dear Dallas, This Is Why You Don't Turn Around On The Highway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Total mayhem ensued in Dallas today when drivers decided to turn around and drive in the opposite direction following a crash on Interstate 635. What in the actual fuck, Dallas?

CBS DFW reports that a vehicle flipped over on I-635 this afternoon, and two more wrecks occurred because of rubbernecking — on both sides of the freeway.


And then things got really bad.

The situation then went from bad to worse when dozens of drivers decided the best course of action was to turn around and try to drive the wrong way on the highway. Members of Dallas police actually walked out onto the roadway, tapped on windows, instructed drivers to turn around and guided the vehicles around them so as to clear up the very strange bottleneck.


I'm having a really terrible time comprehending how this one went down, folks. My guess is one Alpha Idiot (all it ever takes is one) decided to turn around and then 11 or so Beta Idiots were like, "Ah, fuck it, if that guy's doing it, I am too."

After police intervened, the drivers got turned back in the right direction and traffic began to unsnarl itself, the TV station reports.

I've never heard of anyone turning the wrong way on a highway just because of a crash. A natural disaster, sure; sometimes that has to happen when you become trapped. But a traffic accident?


Driving, Dallas. You're doing it wrong.

Photo credit CBS DFW/Twitter