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Dear Cops: Feel Free To Arrest Any Tesla Model X Drivers On The Brooklyn Bridge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You can’t legally drive the Tesla Model X on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Indeed, The Drive recently pointed out, there’s a 3 ton weight limit for the historic span between the rich-ass Manhattan and ever-richer Brooklyn.


That’s 6,000 pounds if you’re having trouble with the conversion rate.


As it turns out, the Tesla Model X has a curb weight of 5,441 pounds, but as Koenigsegg recently explained, that’s not what the car weighs going down the road. Tesla specifically asserted that the real world weight figure is over 6,000 lbs. Tesla was very clear about this because it could qualify the Model X for an old tax loophole.

And that all means that the Model X exceeds the Brooklyn Bridge’s weight limit. So I would like to take this moment to remind the NYPD that they should feel free to fine, arrest, or PIT maneuver any Tesla Model X driver they see on the bridge.

What’s funny is that Tesla is about to set up their New York City showroom to Brooklyn.


Photo Credit: Tesla

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