Dear Automatch…

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Earlier today I promoted this post from reader Automatch who posted in OppositeLock that he was upset you couldn't get a Honda Accord with the 6-speed manual in white. Guess what just arrived at my door along with a note from Honda…


That's right, a Honda Accord 2DR EX-L V6 coupe. Yes, it's black, which is sort of the opposite of white, but it has a manual transmission. Not bad. And, lo and behold, Honda noticed the post as well and sent along this note in response to Automatch:

Chris Martin from Honda PR here. It's nice to read that so many people still want cars with a manual transmission! We just sent an Accord Coupe with 6-speed manual to Matt Hardigree at Jalopnik. You should ask him what he thinks about it.

Fire away with your questions, I've only driven it briefly but I like it so far.



I hear this version of the accord is a major step up, dynamically, from the last gen...thoughts?