Dean Martin's Custom 1962 Ghia L6.4 Can Be Yours

It's no secret famed Rat Packer Dean Martin is still about as cool as it gets, so it only makes sense he would choose a vehicle as cool and unique as a 1962 Ghia L6.4 as a mode of transportation.

After getting his hands on the car, Martin decided his Ghia—one of 26 L6.4s built—still needed a little bit more unique personality and enlisted famed custom car builder George Barris to add a few subtle touches. Whether you love the styling of the Ghia or hate it, it's impossible to dispute it's one of a kind nature.


Under the hood of the Ghia is a 335hp Chrysler 383ci V-8 which like the rest of the car is original from when Martin owned it. You read it right, this Ghia has a pampered existence to thank for the fact it is a completely original car—beyond the Barris custom treatment of course.

Martin's Ghia is currently being offered for sale by Hyman Cars LTD—a classic car dealer well known for their unique and rare inventory—at the price of $199,500. While it certainly isn't cheap, it's rather hard to put a price on feeling like a member of the Rat Pack every time you get behind the wheel.

[Hyman Cars LTD via Carscoop]


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