Dealership Helps Fallen Police Officer's Widow Keep His Truck

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Too often the "stealerships" get all the press around here, but sometimes a dealership will put profits aside to help out a member of their community. This was the case with Gladstone County Honda in Gladstone, OR.


Last November, Oregon Oregon City Police Officer Robert Libke responded to a house fire and reports of a man with a gun. An 88-year-old man shot and killed Officer Libke before taking his own life.

After his death, Libke's wife Wendy was then responsible for the lease on her VW in addition to payments on Robert's truck. Wendy wanted to hold on to her late husband's truck but was not able to manage the finances on both vehicles. She contacted Volkswagen, but they were unable to provide any assistance. That is when Gladstone County Honda Stepped in:

"Once we heard the story, you know, it touched our hearts, and we just immediately jumped in. We're in the retail business – we'll figure out what to do with the car. They had negative equity and couldn't get out of it and it's was just the right thing to do. I mean these people, they're first responders who help us as a community, and for us to be in the situation to help out someone who is going through a terrible time in their life, it was the least we could do," - Dealership owner, Raph Martinez

Now the cynics will all jump into the comments and say how the dealership did this just for good publicity. But dammit these feels are too strong, I want to believe that the folks at Gladstone Honda were just good people who wanted to do the right thing.

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Shane Elliott

It's a win-win. Good publicity for them and it's just a good thing to do. I have no problem with it