Why Does This Dealership Have A Waiting List For Buick Grand Nationals?

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When hot performance cars like the Hellcat are about to hit the showrooms, it is not uncommon for dealerships to have a waiting list of interested buyers. But one Buick dealer in North Carolina is taking names on a car that doesn't even exist. Is it possible that they have exclusive info on an all new Grand National?


According to GMAuthority, Liberty Buick GMC in South Charlotte NC has been receiving calls about a new Buick Grand National/ GNX and are putting customers on a waiting list. As of now there is no official word from Buick that such a car is even in the pipeline. However, GMAuthority has found documents revealing that GM was pursuing the Grand National and GNX trademarks.


There was also a rumor back in 2012 that suggested the next generation Buick would be built upon the rear-wheel-drive Alpha platform. If that rumor is true...and that is a big if, given the release of the ATS-V, it would not be too difficult for GM to use the same components to remake the legendary Buick.

I have some serious doubts that this dealer knows something that the rest of the automotive world doesn't. But it is very strange for a dealership to take customers information on a specific car that would not actually be able to sell.


(Update: I spoke with Greg, one of the sales managers at Scott McCorkle Liberty Buick GMC. He says the quote from GM Authority was taken out of context, they have no insider information regarding the release of a Buick Grand National, and they are updating their website with a post explaining the situation.)

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Letter to GM:

You gonna look at Chrysler's Hellcat offerings and just take it? They resurrected the "insane power, normal car" muscle car formula. Take your almost-but-not-quite SS, give it a Buick badge, the Z06 engine, paint it bright yellow with thick black stripes, and nuke the Hellcats with the rebirth of the GSX. Doooo eeeeet.

Oh, and once that happens, turbo the hell out of a 4-banger and slap a GNX badge on it. Boom.

And once these do well, spin them off into a dedicated performance brand. Call it something exciting. Like Pontiac.