Deal of the Week: 2007 Lincoln Town Car

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Stop snickering. You know you want one, or maybe you don't. Either way, the 2007 Lincoln Town Car could be an ironist's wet dream (don't bother asking Alanis Morissette what that is). It's the kind of car in which you can both cruise to the Hamptons and sell cured sausages door to door. You can strap a surfboard to the roof and look like you've just come from a Citibank commercial, or pull up to out-of-towners at the airport and make a few bucks on the side. Until October 1, Lincoln's offering a $7000 rebate or no-interest financing all the way to 60 months. And just think, with all the airport money you'll make, you'll only be upside-down for three years or so. Of course, by then it'll be worth about ten grand. [Lincoln via MSN Autos]

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You know, I was going to say that for what it is, the Town Car isn't bad. If you're an octagenarian and just don't care about driving dynamics at all, and only want a big plushy car to waft along in, then the Town Car makes sense.

Then I clicked over to the Lincoln website and saw that new Town Cars sticker at over 42 grand! That's a lot of scratch for what's essentially a Crown Vic in a polyester tuxedo. On the other hand, you can get two tone paint and whitewalls, right from the factory.