Dead: Volvo V90

Volvo's beautiful station wagon will exit the US market after this year.

2021 Volvo V90 T6 Inscription
2021 Volvo V90 T6 Inscription
Image: Volvo

Once de facto car for American families, the station wagon has been a niche product for a while now. It looks like another automaker has made the determination that selling wagons in America isn’t worth it. Volvo has announced that it won’t be selling the V90 wagon in the U.S. for 2022.


To be clear here, this makes sense from a business standpoint. The wagon sold in niche numbers. Its best year on the market was 2019 when 500 were sold. Its debut year year in 2017 saw 183 finding homes. Last year? Just 279 units. Why the low sales numbers when other Volvo wagon models sell a few thousand a year?

That can probably be blamed on the fact that the V90 was never stocked at dealers. Again, seemingly reading the writing on the wall of the U.S. markets attitude towards wagons, Volvo made the V90 special order only.

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Image: Volvo

Volvo won’t stop selling wagons completely, though. I reached out to Volvo for confirmation of the V90s cancellation and was informed that while the V90 may be gone, you’ll still be able to go and buy the V60 and the V90 Cross Country models. Don’t lose hope, there are still plenty of wagons being offered in the US from other manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Subaru, Porsche, and Mini.