Dead Usher Forces Church To Deal With His Staggering Collection Of 30,000 Cars

Screenshot taken from KARE News video below
Screenshot taken from KARE News video below

Every inch of Dennis Erickson’s home was covered in cars. On the beds, on the floors, in the bathrooms. He had 30,000 cars, from the smallest miniatures to full-sized working classics. And now he doesn’t have to deal with them any more. His church does.


Erickson was a civil engineer and a car collector since he was nine years old, KARE News reports. He had a lovely Edsel station wagon, a beautiful old Rambler, and enough miniatures to fill his entire home.

And that home is what he donated to his church, Celebration Church in Lakeville, MN, when he passed away in his sleep at age 69 with no family to speak of.

“I’m still a bit overwhelmed,” Lisa Lundstrom, the church’s chief financial officer confessed to the KARE News team. “It’s nuts!”

Lundstrom is not sure how she will sell all of the cars, laughing “if I tried to sell it separately, the rest of my life would be Dennis’ life.” She does, however, estimate that the collection could bring in six figures when put up for sale.

Which now the church has to do.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



Man, what a fucking jerk. I hope no one in my life ever has the audacity to gift me with something that, with a little bit of work, is worth at least a hundred thousand dollars.