Dead: Honda Crosstour

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The Honda Crosstour, one of the homeliest vehicles on the road and a sad substitute for the Accord Tourer that other markets get, is dead. Pour one out for the Crosstour tonight, if you feel so inclined.

The news of the death of the Crosstour (née Accord Crosstour) comes from its hometown newspaper the Columbus Dispatch. They report that the 2016 model year is the last for the Crosstour as Honda frees up capacity at their East Liberty, Ohio plant to make other models.


The Crosstour may have been a decent enough wagon, but it was never a strong seller for Honda. According to our friends at GoodCarBadCar, at most Honda sold 2,900 a month during its 2010 debut; in recent months that’s dwindled to well under 1,000.

As CarBuying’s Tom once pointed out, the Crosstour ended up being a good deal for some, as dealers were practically giving them away for a while. Still, not even savings could lessen the visual blow that came with gazing upon its awkward proportions, massive grille and huge front overhang.

Rest in peace, Crosstour. At least you came in brown.

Correction: This story originally stated that the Crosstour plant is in Marysville, Ohio; it is in East Liberty. It has been updated.


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