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Listen: the coupe market isn’t what it used to be. Hell, the sedan market isn’t even what it used to be. If the four-doors can’t stop getting creamed by the crossovers and SUVs, what hope do the two-door cars have? The latest victim of this: the Honda Accord Coupe.


Honda today unveiled a rad and interesting new 2018 Accord sedan that happens to be kind of a fastback. Fitting with the long tradition of the Accord being one of the only even remotely engaging mid-size sedans you can buy, it also comes with cool turbo engines and manual gearbox options.

It won’t, however, come with a two-door variant. Not this time. Pretty much as an aside in this story, Wards Auto confirmed the death of the Accord Coupe, which has been a mainstay in Honda’s lineup—albeit a slow-selling one lately—for decades.

The sedan’s appearance (the coupe variant has been discontinued) is akin to a “sprinter in the blocks,” the automaker says, due to its low and wide body.


Sad. But not surprising.

This follows the other recent announcement that the V6 option is also dead in the Accord lineup, as turbocharging and downsizing replace displacement and cylinder count pretty much across all the world of cars.


So enjoy your fancy new Accord fastback-sedan thing and its sweet manual gearbox and Civic Type R engine while you can; who knows how long it has?


In the meantime, see you at the crossroads, Accord Coupe.

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