Dead: Ford Flex

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The heartless and tasteless decision has been made: the Ford Flex will cease to be in 2020. Bad Shakespeare, Ford.


The news comes via the Canadian auto workers union, Unifor, after reaching a “tentative labor contract” with Ford, reports the Detroit Free Press. Though the automaker plans to invest additional funds at its Oakville plant in Ontario, where the Flex is made, it will also cease production of the crossover in 2020.

The Flex’s U.S. sales numbers were up 13.1 percent through the majority of this year. But apparently, they were not enough to keep it around for the coming years.

Still, though, 2020 isn’t terrible. Not when you consider that the Flex came out in 2008 and hasn’t really undergone a major redesign during its lifespan—only facelifts. And why would it have? It has a classically boxy design, simple lines and 90-degree angles. Rectangles don’t usually go out of fashion.

2009 Ford Flex
2009 Ford Flex

Of course, because the Ford Explorer exists, I suppose there really isn’t a reason for the Flex to continue on life as well. That’s a real shame because the Flex is one of the few Fords that doesn’t really fit its design template. Even though it is a full-sized crossover (SUV?), it is funky and different.

2020 is a little over three years away. I suppose I can hold off my sadness for that long.

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It is a polarizing design. I wanted my wife to consider one for our next family vehicle and she deemed it too ugly. Also, Ford already has the very popular Explorer in the same category, and most just opt for that instead