Dead Celebrities: What Would They Drive If Alive Today?

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Last month when bored, we decided to determine the cars some random celebrities drive. This month, we're bored again and wondering what cars these 21 dead celebrities would drive if they were alive today.

This weekend was a cold one here in the Midwest so instead of going out and braving the weather we decided to hibernate instead, but not before heading out to our local cult video store and grabbing a couple of our all-time favorite classic movies. We got a couple of goodies including: Le Mans, The Great Escape and couple of our significant other's favorite Agatha Christie mystery TV episodes featuring the quirky detective, Hercule Poirot.


After watching a couple of these films we got to thinking about what some of these famous actors would be like if they were celebrities in today's day and age. We contemplated this for a while (mostly while suffering through Agatha Christie's, The Mysterious Affair at Styles) and got to thinking about what some of these celebrities would drive. So, thanks in part to both our boredom and ADHD, we've come up with the list below featuring some of our favorite classic celebrities and what we think they would drive if they were alive today.

Click The Pics To See What We Think Each Classic Celebrity Would Drive If They Were Alive Today


[inspired by our ADHD and famousdeaddb, clips via YouTube]