When it comes to seeing dead things in our daily lives, the streets are likely the most common place we encounter carcasses. Dead squirrels, birds, possums, armadillos, cats, dogs—the roads we travel are full of dead things. Dead people, thankfully, are a rarity, which is why everyone’s so freaked out by the corpse that was dumped onto a street in Olympia, Washington.

A coroner’s van’s rear doors seem to have come unlatched or failed in some way, sending a pair of gurneys tumbling out of the back of the van, one of which had a deceased passenger.

The empty gurney rolled into a nearby parking lot, while the corpse-piloted gurney crashed in the middle of the intersection ofMartin Way East and Phoenix Street Southeast, where it was noticed by many motorists, one of whom took the video above from her Mini.

This seems to be the first time anything like this has happened in Olympia, but it’s not unknown, as a similar event happened in Pennsylvania in 2014, prompting this bonkers CG-re-creation video: