David Hasselhoff Ditched GM For Dodge In Baywatch's "Muscle Car Beach"

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I always considered the Hoff to be a GM guy, but at 63, his Baywatch side just went Italian.

Think about it! In 1982, Michael Knight was supposed to get a pre-production Corvette C4, but because GM was so behind schedule with the car’s development, the producers had to settle for a Pontiac Trans Am. The jet black car you know as K.I.T.T., or Knight Industries Two Thousand.


Knight Rider finished rolling in 1986, but Hasselhoff found his way back to television superstardom just three years after, when Baywatch started to finish off the eighties properly with lots of wet boobs and chest hair.

In the pilot episode, Mitch Buchannon came to your rescue driving a 1982 GMC S-15:


Fast forward to 2015, throw in reality TV star Richard Rawlings, and suddenly, there are no GMCs in sight.

Instead, watch the Hoff as he runs next to a red Dodge Dart, listens to a red Dodge Challenger’s Hemi, gets blown away by a sandy Charger’s interior and get crushed by a red Dodge Durango, “the seven-seat Charger”.


Just another day at muscle car beach:

Pam Anderson had no comment, especially when it came to airbags.

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