Datsun XLink Concept Envisions Datsun As A Lifestyle Brand

Though you may not see it at Geneva, the XLink Concept thesis project hints at what Datsun could be if resurrected by Nissan. The challenge for Benjamin Nawka at the Nissan Yulon Design Center at Pforzheim University was to create a compact car that utilized "fresh design language" and unique features. The result is a four-seater compact hatchback with a bold presence and adjustable winglets above the rear that feature lights and rear mirror cameras. Nawka considers the XLink to be "the first product of the new lifestyle brand DATSUN, whose re-introduction is based on the excellent image of the 240Z and other cars which were mainly affordable, reliable and easy-to-use." We see more of the Datsun 710 in this concept, but in a good way.


Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Though this is just a graduate project, it would be interesting to see Nissan use Datsun as way to launch a competitor to Scion and, possibly, Saturn in the USA. We also like the envisioned navigation system that not only lets you know where friends are, but also suggests random driving adventures — though that's probably the setup for an awesome lawsuit. [Benjamin Nawka via Carbodydesign via Carscoop]

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