Dashcam Records Two Drivers Calmly Crashing Into Each Other

Here’s why you have to keep your wits on poorly-marked roads this winter.

Watch carefully and you an see as the little Hyundai driver makes a wide turn at an intersection into the oncoming outer lane. It’s a somewhat understandable mistake given that this multi-lane road is undivided and covered with snow.


What’s less understandable is that nobody seems to notice.

And so, the inevitable occurs: the Hyundai plows directly into an oncoming truck.

This has to be the most low-key head on collision I have ever seen.

UPDATE: After close re-inspection of the video, it is clear the wee lil’ Hyundai was in the right all along! It was the truck that, if you notice the turn lane sign over the intersection, that was slowly but surely plodding through oncoming traffic. Still! Unbelievable lack-of-reaction from both drivers.

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According to the dashcam, this takes place next December. Still time to prevent it. Anybody have a spare 1.21 gigawatts or a wall-proof Dodge Challenger we can use?