Dashcam Captures Car Wash Employee Driving Customer's Car Like A Maniac And Wrecking It

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There’s very little information about what exactly happened in this dashcam video, but it appears to be from Jamaica, and appears to show a car wash worker taking a customer’s car for a joyride. It also appears that the worker made a colossal mess out of everything.

Here’s the video, time-stamped a few days ago, on October 6:

Holy crap, what the hell is wrong with that guy? First, put the damn seat belt on so that annoying chime stops, and second, was this guy trying to destroy the car, or maybe kill himself? That’s some astoundingly sloppy and reckless driving.


There’s at least five or six close calls before the big wreck-and-flip, and the driver appears to have clipped a few cars mid-drive.

It’s hard to tell exactly what the car is thanks to the damage and the poor-quality video, but it looks like a Mercedes or perhaps a Ssang Yong? Maybe a Toyota Crown? What is that thing? Or, was that thing?


I’m still looking for details about what happened, but what the dashcam shows is certainly clear: driving like an idiot has consequences.

(Thanks, George!)