Danica Patrick, Milka Duno In Towel-Snapping Cat Fight At Mid-Ohio

Let's be clear here — we'd call it a "cat fight" even if the two drivers screaming at each other were men rather than the twin female towers o' power of IndyCar — Danica Patrick and Milka Duno (often pronounced "Milk n' Donut"). Apparently Danica thinks Milka's too slow and has been blocking her with the big rear-end of her car whenever she tries to pass the little French pastry. Yesterday after the morning practice at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Danica decided to confront Duno. We'll let the Indy Star pick up the story from here:

Patrick went to the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing pit box after the morning practice to complain about her struggles to pass Duno, but Duno did not like Patrick's style. [...]

On a video shot by a friend of Duno's and shown to The Star, Duno told Patrick on several occasions to "go away." When Patrick didn't leave immediately, Duno twice threw a towel in Patrick's direction, prompting Patrick to use foul language before the minute-long incident ended.


All we have to say is Me-yowza! [via Deadspin, IndyCar, Indianapolis Star]


@AlisonAshleigh: You may find that a lot of us don't actually watch racing but yet still felt compelled to comment about women racers fighting at a race track. Because it's funny.

I have no opinion about their actual skills or the racing itself as I don't have enough knowledge to develop one. I stopped caring about the time Indy and CART had their little cat fight and even then didn't know that much. But this is the internet and that shouldn't stop me from having an opinion, I know... ;)