Damn, Even Geordi La Forge Can't Fix His Tesla

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Screenshot: CBS, Paramount, Tesla

You’d think the chief engineer on a Galaxy-class starship should be able to fix his electric ground-car, or at least get some customer service, right? I mean, sure, Star Trek is fictional and Geordi is really respected actor LeVar Burton, but the part about not being able to get any service for his Tesla is sadly real, as Burton had to yell into Twitter, where everyone can hear you scream, to try and get some freaking Tesla service over here:

We’ve certainly heard stories of Tesla customer service problems before, and that’s not just us pointing this out, either — this is a known Tesla issue.

In the past, people have used Twitter to try and get their Tesla problems fixed, and sometimes it’s been Tesla’s CEO, the shy, reclusive Elon Musk, who has interceded and managed to get the fix-the-car ball rolling.


Sadly for LeVar, though, this seems like a bad time to be trying that route:


Hm. Now I’m no Tesla tech, but I’ve seen enough Star Trek to know that maybe Burton should try reversing the polarity or maybe doing something with the main deflector dish or something like that. Maybe an EPS conduit needs, um, degaussing? Or re-gaussing? Just make sure it’s got the right amount of gauss.

See if that helps? Good luck!