Dammit Chad

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Chad and his coworkers left their mark in street tar in Walker, Michigan, WZZM reported on Tuesday. It’s always Chad.

David, Sam, Jimmy, Josh and Matt also left their signatures in tar on Alpine Avenue, a sign, perhaps, that they were extremely proud of all the tarrin’ they did that day.

In any case, I sincerely admire the pluck of WZZM in getting to the bottom of just what happened here, since the people deserve to know just how much taxpayer money was wasted on effin’ Chad and his antics.

According to Mark Koning with the Walker Public Works Department, these names do not belong to city employees.

In fact, this work was done by a subcontractor under the Grand Valley Metro Council. Koning said taxpayers were not paying for it. The project was bid it out in lane miles. For example, 30 miles of work costs the same regardless of how much crack seal is used.

So, we can verify that Chad, David, Sam, Jimmy, Josh and Matt do not work for the city and you are not paying for their Alpine Avenue autographs.


[Big sighs of relief.]

You can see all of the signatures in WZZM’s video here, but mostly just know that America is now more Chad-ed, and it didn’t cost us another dime for the privilege.